Our Horses

A riding center is not complete without a great equine team

Alatheia features Norwegian Fjord horses and are registered with NFHR (The Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry). Aside from their unique and beautiful appearance, Norwegian Fjords are famous for their calm and easy going nature. They are sure footed and “honest” meaning they are what they seem. Quiet, friendly, and trustworthy. Each of our horses has a unique personality and endear themselves to riders very quickly.

Frid is an amazing 18-yr old mare that has developed incredible connections with our most challenged riders. When introduced to an individual in a wheelchair she will quietly drop her head in their laps and nuzzle them softly – seemingly “reading” their special needs and making the necessary adjustments in her behavior to meet their needs. She is quiet, steady and unexciteable. She can be recognized by her long braided forlock and thick, wavy tail.



Blakken is a sweet 17-yr old gelding who is also a center favorite. He can be recognized by a white star on his forehead and darker brown forelock. Blakken is the center “clown” who will smile for a treat!


Sindre is Alatheia’s “big boy”! He is a 16-yr old gelding with a BIG body, lighter forelock and short, rounder shaped ears. He has an alert and attentive personality.



Nils is the center’s “grandpa”. At 24 yrs old this gelding is the oldest horse at at Alatheia, but very much as active and fit as the others. Nils is smaller in stature and is slow and steady. His smaller size makes him perfect for some of our riders that require more support. He can be recognized by his light brown eyes.


Marta is Alatheia’s baby at 8-yrs old. She is small, quick, and athletic mare and sports a fuzzy forelock with a red tint. She is a bit bossy with the other horses and is learning to respect her elders!