Every great project has to start somewhere

Glenn & Nancy Grette

Glenn and Nancy Grette

Glenn and Nancy Grette created Alatheia Riding Center in February of 2011 and offered their first therapeutic rides in June of that year. The inspiration for the riding center came much earlier in the summer of 2010 when a friend asked us to provide a 5th birthday ride for their daughter with special needs.

We will never forget what happened when that little girl got on to ride. She was transformed by the empowerment and joy of moving on a horse rather than being carried by someone or using her walker to get around. We also noticed an incredible connection between our horse, Frid, and this little girl. Something very special was happening and we wanted more. That paired with a desire to live out our Christian faith in a real, tangible way and to share proclaim the goodness of God led to further research and discovery.

Nancy began volunteering for a similar facility in Ellensburg and was deeply moved by what she experienced there. Next came a decision for Nancy to pursue certification as an instructor and gain Member Center status for Alatheia Riding Center with the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International and an internship at a large center in western Washington.

Glenn has devoted his expertise as a business man, ranch hand, arena designer and facility maintenance. Alatheia Riding Center has grown consistently each year of operation. Starting that first year with 12 riders, it now serves almost 50 riders weekly for 9 months a year, has an active volunteer base of about 40 individuals, two instructors and a lesson assistant.