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We use the movement of the horse as a therapy tool

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Alatheia Riding Center currently offers therapeutic riding, and is a member of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH, Intl.)  Therapeutic riding does not emphasize riding skills; instead the goals are geared towards independence in life skills.  The movement of the horse creates a multi-sensory experience, including a pattern that is similar to normal walking for the rider which translates into improvements to balance, strength, coordination, and postural symmetry.  Gains in these areas result in increased independence with daily functional activities such as walking, dressing and communication. Depending on an individual’s need, clinical treatment may incorporated on the ground rather than on the horse in Alatheia’s on-site therapy room or the functional environment of the barn before or after a ride to either prepare the rider for the movement of the horse or address functional goals after the movement of the horse has prepared the rider’s body.

Hippotherapy (HOPT from the Greek “hippo” meaning “horse”) is an intensive one-on-one therapy session with a licensed physical, occupational, or speech therapist utilizing the movement of the horse that cannot be duplicated in traditional clinical settings.  Although Alatheia Riding Center consults with several local therapists on a weekly basis we do not currently provide hippotherapy.  This service is part of our three year vision and two therapists are currently seeking certification through the American Hippotherapy Association and PATH Intl.

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We have a wide latitude of ages we assist every week. We have served riders from age 3 to 74.

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